Prevent Frozen Pipes – Frozen Pipe Protection Kit

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Thermal insulation on pipes alone cannot stop them from freezing!

Loft insulation prevents heat escaping from the house into the attic area thereby contributing to the very real potential of a burst pipe through the winter months. Combined with a wind chill factor, pipes are at risk of freezing once temperatures dip near freezing.

MJA Heat Trace Products have designed and manufacture a bespoke frost prevention kit for all your frost protection needs.

Our Kits comply with all the required standards for either Domestic or Commercial installations.

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Whether you wish to protect pipes in your loft, garage, outbuildings, stable, dog grooming parlour, caravans or greenhouses our easy to SELF-INSTALL freeze protection kit provides peace of mind and convenience of use.

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Using high quality and proven technology the electronic Digital Thermostat (Digistat) monitors the temperature, switching the heating cable on and off as required. Safe and reliable, the self-regulating feature of the trace heating cable (10 watts per metre) maximises efficiency, minimises operating costs and is totally safe as self-regulating cable technology cannot overheat and only delivers the required output.

Typically set to come on at 3 degrees C and off at 5 degrees C (although it is easy to re-programme should you wish to alter the parameters) the system can be trusted to perform its task with the minimum of fuss.

The controller, which operates from mains voltage, has the capacity to provide power to large or small pipe lengths (Up to a max of 3Kw). The bespoke lengths of trace cable will be terminated to your specifications with a cold tail and three pin plug already fitted leaving you to plug it in to the twin socket supplied with the controller kit.To ensure complete efficiency it is necessary to fit insulation to the pipe after you have strapped the cable to the water pipe.

A further advantage with our controller is that when it is in operation you have a large digital read out of the ambient temperature visible at all times.

Once installed, our system offers complete protection from frozen pipes eliminating the misery and cost incurred with a burst pipe.

Also recommended for the trickle pipe from condensing boilers; we provide a range of solutions to stop boiler breakdowns due to ice building up and blocking the outflow pipes

Why wait to suffer the consequences of a burst pipe when our kit will protect your home?