Digitemp Electronic Temperature Controller

The Digitemp is a permanent display electronic temperature control device designed to safeguard your installation against fluctuations in temperature.

It is fully programmable and ideal for line (pipe) or ambient air sensing trace heating applications, switching heaters, trace, fans and alarms.

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Digitemp Temperature Controller


With a 20 amp rating and a range from -50 degrees to +150 degrees (accurate to within 1 degree) the Digitemp is a versatile, robust and reliable controller for the price of a mechanical controller.

It is factory set to switch on at ambient temperature 5 degrees and pipe sensing 3 degrees – however it can be easily reprogrammed by the operator.

  • Up to three separate heater outputs.
  • Bright LED display.
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Volt-free Contact Output


Display/Range/Accuracy Red 15mm high LED characters / Measuring range -50°C to 109 °C / +1°K
Display Resolution 0.1°C resolution (-19.9°C to 19.9 °C) - 1°C resolution (20 °C to max range)
Sensor Standard sensor N.T.C. (103 AT-2, 10k ohms@25 °C ) IP 68 sealed (PTC -50 °C to 150 °C to order)
Sensor Length Standard length 1.5m (Available up to 45m)
Enclosures IP67, Polycarbonate box with clear lid and mask
Dimensions 125mm x 125mm x 100mm
Operating Temp -10 °C to +60 °C
Cable Entries 6 x 16mm/20mm dual size knockouts or 4 x 25mm available
Power Rating 20 amp
Consumption 2va
Supply Voltage 230vac (110 volt available)
Factory Set Points Pipe sensinq + 3°C (operator changeable)
Air sensing + 5°C (operator changeable)
Hysteresis + 2°C (operator changeable) range 0.1 – 30°C
Option Power available volt free contact