Digistat Complete with Plug & Socket

The Digistat is a robust permanent display temperature control device, designed to safeguard your installations against fluctuations in temperature. It can be used to activate fans alarms, heating or cooling devices.

The controller plugs straight into the mains and will switch up to 3kW. While suitable for many applications, it is perfect for preventing frozen pipes in residential and commercial locations.

For a 20A temperature controller with three outputs, please see the Digitemp.

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Digistat Digital Controller


  • Ideal for frost protection
  • Will run cooler or fans
  • Can activate alarms
  • Waterproof (IP65) with waterproof sensor

Potential Uses

  • Protection from frozen pipes
  • Protecting external dehumidifiers from freezing
  • Heating mats
  • Reptile housing or fish ponds
  • Home brewing
  • Greenhouse


Display/Range/Accuracy Red 15mm high LED characters / Measuring range -50°C to 109 °C / +1°K
Display Resolution 0.1°C resolution (-19.9°C to 19.9 °C) - 1°C resolution (20 °C to max range)
Sensor Standard sensor N.T.C. (103 AT-2, 10k ohms@25 °C) IP 68 sealed
Sensor Length Standard length 1.5m
Plug and Cable 2.5m
Socket and Cable 2.5m
Operating Temp 0 °C to 50°C
Storage Temp -10°C to 60°C
EMI Conformity IEC801
Power Rating 13 amp
Consumption 3va approx
Supply Voltage 230 VAC
Enclosure IP65, Polycarbonate
Dimensions 125mm x 75mm x 75mm