MJA manufactures a range of trace heating systems for domestic applications, including pipe frost protection, gutter snow melting and de-icing driveways.

Our systems are designed to maximise energy efficiency while being simple to install. The MJA Digistat, for example, comes complete with a plug and socket and doesn’t require a professional installer.

For more information about our domestic trace heating systems, please call today on 01403 823 560 or use the Contact page.

Domestic trace heating for gutter frost protection
Trace heating has a number of domestic applications, including protecting gutters, pipes and roofs.

Domestic Trace Heating Applications

  • Pipe frost protection – prevent freezing and reduce the risk of burst pipes.
  • Gutter and roof de-icing – automatically melt snow and ice on almost any type of roof.
  • Paths, ramps and driveway de-icing – increase safety by preventing ice forming in cold weather.
  • Hot water temperature maintenance – get instant hot water from any tap.
  • Frost protection for condensing boilers – stop ice forming in pipes connected to condensing boilers.
  • Garden soil heating – aid root formation and seed germination by heating soil during cold weather.

How Does Trace Heating Work?

Trace heating maintains or increases temperatures in pipes, gutters and other materials according to the ambient temperature. It’s perfect for preventing frozen pipes, heating soil for plants or maintaining hot water.

Trace cable, which is a type of heating element, is attached to a pipe and covered with thermal insulation. The trace cable is usually connected to a thermostat, so it only switches on when the temperature falls below a certain level.

Unlike many other trace heating companies, at MJA we provide full phone support to domestic clients. Our team is waiting to help you, so please call on 01403 823 560 or use the Contact page.