Trace heating has a variety of commercial applications. From frost protection in leisure establishments to preventing icy pathways outside hotels, our systems can help your business run more smoothly and safely.

All our trace heating systems are built for reliability and energy efficiency. The trace cable can be installed on existing pipes, and we also offer installation support.

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MJA trace heating can be used in hotels, hospitals, care homes, schools, offices and many other locations.

Example Applications

  • Frost protection
  • Fire escape snow melting
  • Hot water maintenance
  • Temperature maintenance
  • Gutter frost and snow melting
  • Roof de-icing

Commercial Establishments

  • Hotels
  • Office blocks
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure establishments
  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • Almost any other commercial building

For more information about MJA trace heating products, or to get a quote, please call today on 01403 823 560 or use the Get a Quote page.