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Trace heating for water trough

Trace heating can prevent frozen trough, dairy and irrigation pipes.

A common annual frustration for farmers is frozen pipes in winter. Anyone working on a farm knows the frustration of having to defrost a pipe before being able to get on with the morning’s work – not to mention the disastrous consequences a burst pipe can bring.

Quick and Easy Solution to Frozen Pipes

To help solve this problem, we have designed a complete frost protection system for farmers. The reliable combination of digital temperature controller plus heating cable (placed along the length of the pipe) prevents pipes from freezing even in the coldest winter nights.

It’s also easy to install – even for someone with no experience with electronics. Most installations don’t require an electrician.

Energy Efficient Temperature Controller

The MJA Frost Protection Kit for Farmers only heats up pipework when the temperature falls below a certain level. The digital controller has a built in thermostat for detecting when the pipe is in danger of freezing. The result is an efficient heating system which minimises wasted energy.

Our digital controller is also renowned in the trace heating industry for its accuracy and reliability. This makes it a fully “hands-off” solution that allows you to focus on the important things on your farm.

Overview of the MJA Frost Protection Kit for Farmers

  • Accurate and reliable all year round.
  • Only heats the pipe when the temperature falls below a certain level.
  • Easy self installation eliminates expensive professional installation costs.
  • Scalable design means that one temperature controller can power up to 200m of heating cable. This reduces the overall cost compared with competitors considerably.
  • Never battle frozen pipes on your farm again!

At MJA we know every farm is different. That’s why we can provide custom frozen protection kits specifically designed to meet your farm’s requirements.

Just use the Get a Quote page or call us on 01403 823 560 we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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