When industrial materials require a temperature higher than ambient to maintain viscosity, MJA trace heating can be used to heat pipework and ensure a consistent delivery temperature.

We offer both bespoke and “off the shelf” systems for temperature maintenance, so we can almost certainly meet your material and application requirements. Our reliable and widely used systems are suitable for even the most demanding applications.

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MJA Process Temperature Maintenance
Many materials require temperatures far above ambient to maintain required viscosity.

When is Temperature Maintenance Needed?

Many materials do not maintain adequate viscosity below a certain temperature. If this temperature is much higher than the ambient temperature, or if the material is under “no flow” conditions, it may start to solidify. This can cause problems when attempting to pump the material.

MJA temperature maintenance systems can consistently preserve a desired temperature range within a pipe. Our systems can be designed for your specific material or application, to ensure the material is always delivered within the correct temperature range.

Example Applications

  • Fuel-oil lines
  • Storage tanks
  • Instrument lines
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Food processing
  • Power generating plants
  • Chemical industries

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