Cold snaps can cause costly damage to plant roots. Our systems heat soil when ambient temperatures fall below a certain level, protecting your plants throughout the year.

MJA trace heating systems can be scaled to almost any size, making them suitable for agricultural greenhouses and other large projects. The systems include a temperature controller and self-regulating cable. This combination delivers heat only when and where it’s needed to increase energy efficiency.

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MJA trace heating can be used to heat soil all year round.

How Does Trace Heating Protect Plants In Greenhouses?

If you grow plants such as tomatoes and cucumbers out of season, a cold night can cause expensive damage to your crop. One of the most effective ways to prevent damage is to heat the soil during cold periods.

Our trace heating cable heats the soil in your greenhouse, providing protection to roots during freezing temperatures. We can supply trace heating to any size greenhouse.

One of the best things about installing trace heating for greenhouse soil heating is that you don’t have to monitor it. After installation, the trace heating system automatically protects your plants all year round.

Energy Efficient Soil Heating

We understand minimising electricity cost is important. For that reason, our trace heating products are designed to be energy efficient.

The trace cable (which heats the soil) is controlled by a digital thermostat. The thermostat monitors the ambient temperature, and only turns on at a temperature you set.

We also supply self-regulating trace cable for greenhouses. The cable automatically adjusts its temperature according to the immediate surroundings. The warmer the temperature, the less heat the cable generates and the lower your energy costs.

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