Our trace heating systems are a reliable, simple and energy efficient solution for preventing frozen pipes. They are suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic use and are simple to install. The self-regulating technology reduces wasted energy and delivers heat exactly where it’s needed most.

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Frozen Pipe after Bursting
Frozen water can cause burst pipes, often leading to extensive damage. Our trace heating solutions prevent frozen pipes.

Why Choose MJA Trace Heating Systems?

  • Easy to install. MJA heating cable is fixed onto the outside of existing pipes. You don’t need to replace the pipes, and installation is quick and simple.
  • Reliability. Our trace heating systems are built specifically for commercial clients. The cable is strong, durable and highly reliableit won’t fail when you need it most.
  • Experience. We have extensive experience providing frost protection systems to businesses across the UK. Previous clients include major commercial locations.
  • Full Support. Our team is always ready to help you before, during and after installation. We aim to solve any problems quickly.

Energy Efficient Pipe Frost Protection

All our trace heating cables are designed for energy efficiency. The output power of the cable is directly related to ambient temperature – the colder it gets, the more the cable heats up.

This makes our trace heating highly energy efficient compared to competing products.

Our trace heating systems are also attached to a digital thermostat. The thermostat monitors the ambient temperature, and only switches the cable on when there is a risk of frozen pipes. This smart system for trace heating significantly reduces the energy cost of preventing frozen pipes.

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