Get instant hot water from any tap or outlet in your property with an MJA hot water maintenance system. Reduce wasted water and energy to save time and money.

Our hot water maintenance systems are simple to install, energy efficient and are suitable for industrial, domestic or commercial applications. If your business or home would benefit from instant hot water, then our systems could be the perfect solution.

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Instant Hot Water at Any Tap
Our hot water maintenance systems can provide instant hot water from a tap.

How do MJA Hot Water Maintenance Systems Work?

When hot water is run from a tap, the supply pipe remains filled after the tap is turned off. In a normal pipe, this water is left to cool naturally. Next time the hot water tap is run, the cold water must be replaced with hot – wasting both time and energy.

With our trace heating hot water maintenance system, the supply pipe is heated directly. This dramatically reduces heat loss. And, as soon as you turn on the tap again, the hot water is ready to flow.

There are a number of benefits to using a trace heating system for hot water maintenance. These include:

  • Instant hot water from the tap.
  • Reduction in wasted water from running cold water before hot.
  • Simple installation that doesn’t require new pipework.
  • Reduced need for thermal insulation.
  • Reduced heat loss which increases efficiency and saves money.

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