Gutters and roofs can be damaged by frozen water buildup, leading to expensive repairs and possible structural damage. MJA trace heating automatically prevents ice build-up all year round, providing a cost effective solution to frozen gutters.

All MJA trace heating systems use self-regulating cable. This delivers heat exactly where it’s needed to minimise wasted energy. The systems are also easy to install to existing gutters and roofs.

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Trace heating can prevent gutters from freezing.

Why is Trace Heating Needed for Gutters?

When snow on roofs melts and drains into gutters, the water may refreeze. This can cause a blockage that gradually grows during cold weather. Once the gutter is completely blocked, icicles may begin to form.

This buildup of ice can damage the gutters and drains. It can even cause structural damage, as water is more likely to flow into the building.

MJA trace heating continuously monitors the ambient temperature to detect when a gutter is at risk of freezing. Heating cable is used to regulate the temperature and prevent ice forming.

Where Can Trace Heating be Used?

  • Downspouts made from common materials.
  • Gutters made from common materials.
  • Most roofs including those made from shingles, tiles, wood, plastic and metal.

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